We are a company with a unique capability with 40 years of experience providing
CONSULTING, printing, typesetting and strategic services to companies and start-ups.
Our experience can help guide you through print collaterals and marketing materials.
We thrive on producing meat & potatos print messaging, rather than over priced graphcs
which feature the graphic rather than your textual message. Think About It?

Most of the revenues from GJDesktop Solutions are donated to the
US Nuclear Energy Foundation (USNEF) for the advancement of grassroots education about nuclear technology.

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Product Sheets · Letterhead · Consulting · PDF Documents · Print Brokerage

Thanks for stopping by our website. Please take a few moments and look around our pages. We are a small company specializing in digital printing.
We have a rare, but "good old fashioned interest" in what we do. No nonsense practical printing advice.

We do in-house proofs and work as a brokerage company with massive shops and multiple plants worldwide.
Our experience in consulting and project preparation are well worth out value.