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Color Digital Printing

Having started years ago in conventional printing, typesetting, graphics and design, our experience is an asset resource and we're here to help. Today, digital laser imaging is astounding, (from our startup days) flexible and cost effective. Young people today have no idea what metal type or film was unless the visit a printing museum.

Printing is your basic calling card, sometimes we forget to return to the basics!

Our focus is on cost effective quality digital printing.

• Send us your finished project in PDF format and we’ll turn it around in a timely manner for you to put to use. PDF files are becoming a standard and can be generated by most office publishing programs. What's this? If you are not familiar with office publishing to print, we are willing to help you get from your "idea" to the completion of your project. We can even import your raw text into our publishing assembly applications flowing it into columns with text, photos, graphics, headlines, etc.

• We calculated our pricing from 4 different vendors for color digital printing to our specific market interest and have found that we are about 20% to 30% less than most vendors. This is why our market niche is well suited for non-profits and small businesses. Clients who need to find a cost effective supplier for their limited budgets.

• Historically print communications started in part with flyers, posters, newsletters, etc. “Handing out” messages in print to notify people about politics, theater, concerts and business. Today this communication media has evolved into electronic publications e.g. “print communications” on the web. In both applications of these communication forms we can apply “meat & potatoes” and/or elaborate “graphic design” to the communication process. Then, as always, you have to make “choices” based on your budget.

• We would like to offer our consulting experience to help you navigate this journey by determining your needs, what you could do to direct your print materials towards improving your customer service experience.

This is one of the items we highly recommend. They are Rack-Cards, 3.5" x 8.5. They can be set vertical or horizontal. The cost to print the full color back is less than $8.00, so, we recommend using both sides which provide double the room for your messaging.

They are efficient for information distribution because they fit nicely into a jacket pocket or purse. They are also convenient for mailing, transporting to conventions, display booths, countertops, etc.

Press runs for these run about $80.00 for 1,000.
How quantity effects savings $267.00 for 5,000.



Other popular print items are bumber stickers. Again you can see, keeping things simple is less expensive and runs of 1,000 are more cost effective than 100 to 500.