Online Paymets Purchasing:

Online payments are available for printing, typesetting, consluting, etc. Our estimates are based on you sending us your project via PDF files typeset and ready to print. To keep OUR process simple please email us your full contact information, etc. Based on your selected quantity, we will calculate any additional shipping costs. Folding, cutting, binding or other finishing services will be added to your total bill and you will be notified via email of cost adjustments.

The BUY NOW button below will take you to our node on the secure PayPal server. When you get to the secure server, below the PURCHASE OPTIONS you can fill-in the price per item line. Put in an invoice # or item, printing, typesetting or consulting. Put the total amount of the invoice in the Quantity box, (the TOTAL we have invoiced or quoted you via email) this will include the shipping and tax if it qualifies. Then proceed with the CONTINUE button, and pay with your credit card.

Currently this is our only method of online payments or purchasing, if you have any questions, please feel free to call 775 224-2089.

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